Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Much to do with everything

Well, the new year is drawing nigh quickly. Soon, spring will grace us with her presence and create ten times the work for yours truly. There are quite a few new ventures on which we plan to focus, alongside our normal routines of maintenance and agriculture. So, I thought I'd drop a bunch of random ideas on the blog, just to get them out of my head. Here we go!
-Bat House
-Bird Haven
-Mini Pond
-Chicken Hotel
-CSA Store
-Stone Patio
-Processing Pavilion
-JZ Hut
I was really trying to concentrate on structures and/or landscaping with this list. If I were to list all of the work we're trying to do then, it would just turn into a confusing mess of stress for me. So, I thought I'd keep the list categorically oriented. Stay tuned. More to follow...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Beginning The Second Year

We have finally posted our webpage! Check out http://www.hrnaturalharvest.com/! Enjoy the pictures. More to follow.

First Logo (jzw)
Hickory Ridge Natural Harvest
-I originally submitted this logo idea bc we were looking for something bright and cheery. It also had to be symbolic of the farm, whilst containing the letters for the CSA acronym. I think we decided against this particular logo bc it failed to represent what the CSA does..." 

Top Right Down
Hickory Ridge
"I like this picture bc it feels like home country. Since our home is in the country, it fits. If you can't understand what I mean, I reckon you ain't country."