Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Website Decisions

We recently had a meeting regarding our website ( and it's maintenance. We intend to create an ease of use and understanding for our customers. We're sorting out the small details right now but, hopefully, we will have everything in working order by the beginning of the primary growing season. A couple of unique and interesting features will be included, such as: "Your Recipe Box", "Your CSA Calendar" and "Your Feedback" pages. We're deciding whether or not to implement PayPal for easy transactions, as well. Also, we're trying to get the "Tour the Farm" section up and running, so customers can get an idea of our little piece of heaven and what it has to offer. We're really looking forward to the coming season. Soon, all will be hectic and life will consist of all day work. We'd like to have a hassle free site up and running by that time. Thanks so much!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Work to live, live to work

As the winter nears it's end, we continue to prepare for the coming season of sowing. We'll have plenty to do this year, planting many of the same crops and some new ones. We're in the process of getting the website fully operational and egg sales continue to increase. In fact, we now have more customers than eggs to give them. (I tried giving the chickens a pep talk but, they just ignore me). Regardless, there are crops to nurture and projects to complete. It's just the three of us here but, I have faith that we can get it all done. We're going to try doing working shares this year, as well as some outreach programs. Research on grants is progressing but, slow. We're aiming to have double the shares as last year so, keep your fingers crossed that we can make it through this efficiently. I have hope. It's all good. ;}

Friday, January 14, 2011

Seasons Change

Soon, the snow will melt and we'll be playing in the dirt from dawn to dusk. A new year means new strategies for planting and growing. Egg sales are continuous and customers are lining up for the coming season. We're excited to try out some new techniques for sustainable agriculture. It's going to be hard work but, hey, this is a farm. You can't really live and work on a farm and be lazy. It just doesn't "work" that way. Anyway, our website is up (though, not yet complete) and we're slowly getting all of our "ducks" in a row. We're doubling our customer base and our efforts to bring you delicious, naturally grown, nutritious veggies. Stay tuned for updates weekly! Later, later sweet pertaters!

Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 or Year Two

2011: The Next Chapter

Happy New Year, everyone! Well, we made it through the first year of our CSA. We provided all kinds of fruits and vegetables for our customers. Many received shares of pork, chicken and beef as well. Oh, and eggs were eaten by the dozens weekly. We sent out "flyers" with our CSA shares, designed and built a website (thanks to Tracy) and did a pretty decent job on brochures and newsletters. We created a community page on Facebook, kept careful records of sales and production and learned all kinds of new things about all-natural farming. Appreciation goes out to all of our "people": customers, farmhands, drivers, butcher and anyone else involved with this project of ours. We look forward to serving you in the coming year and hope to meet your needs. Thanks again. You are awesome.