Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thaw it coming

Well, we had our mid winter thaw (actually it was a bit later than usual). Then, it turned around and dumped half a foot back on the ground. Boo hoo. :) Anyway, the new batch of peeps (we call them "nuggets") is doing just fine. There haven't been any more losses and they're starting to grow their wing feathers out (must be what the kids are doing these days) but... they stink. Oh well, this is a farm, after all. In other news, we've been approved for a "hoop house", which is essentially a cold greenhouse. So, pops is doing research on the best quality for the best price. Mom is "chained to her desk" (this is her season, after all) but, she still finds the time to help with the feeding. All in all, life is good and this farmhand is ready to get to the real work. Shoveling snow is boring. Feeding animals is year round. I want some dirt showing! This has been your HRNH update. Now, back to your life... already in progress!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hoggin' It Up

Well, our little baby boy has become a full on boar. We caught him trying to catch the lady piggers. So, we had to build him his own house and separate them. Now, we are trying to breed these beautiful large black hogs but, the girls are just a tad on the young side and could suffer irreversible damage to their innards if they become pregnant "teens". They could have serious complications with the birthing process and even die! Anyway, Ama seems to be doing well with his little "bachelor pad" and we hope that, in a month or two, he can resume his <ahem> "interest" in the ladies. Until then, he'll just have to find comfort in his "porkin' pork" dreams. Lol, that's just awful (I'm bad). He'll be alright. We hope that he didn't already "catch" the girls, due to the problems stated above. Well, that's your pig news. Now...back to your life, currently in progress! ;}}