Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sow what and chicken butts.

Well, we've had a couple meetings since last I posted a blog. We had a garden planning meeting, a "high tunnel" meeting and a CSA membership meeting. Contracts should already be in by now (though there are a few still floating around) and we've made some choices as to what we're planting and how we plan to change day to day operations. The high tunnel should extend our growing season by about three months on both ends of the spectrum, provided we receive our funding in a timely manner. So, next year we will be able to offer much more produce and sooner, as well.
Ok, we're thinking about some "oddball" veggies and fruits like pawpaws and giant "peach" strawberries. What am I talkin about, you ask? Well, pawpaws have a banana custard flavor and the giant "peach" strawberries are about the size of peaches and taste like...ummm...strawberries with a hint of peach. (Did you think they'd taste like grapefruit- lol, jk). Anyway, there are other items that I'll discuss in a later post, when we decide what exactly we want. For now, sink your teeth into that tasteless supermarket produce and dream of farm fresh veggies that are all natural and super delicious. That's whaty we're about and we're pretty sure you are, too. Later later, sweet pertaters.

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