Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Website Decisions

We recently had a meeting regarding our website ( and it's maintenance. We intend to create an ease of use and understanding for our customers. We're sorting out the small details right now but, hopefully, we will have everything in working order by the beginning of the primary growing season. A couple of unique and interesting features will be included, such as: "Your Recipe Box", "Your CSA Calendar" and "Your Feedback" pages. We're deciding whether or not to implement PayPal for easy transactions, as well. Also, we're trying to get the "Tour the Farm" section up and running, so customers can get an idea of our little piece of heaven and what it has to offer. We're really looking forward to the coming season. Soon, all will be hectic and life will consist of all day work. We'd like to have a hassle free site up and running by that time. Thanks so much!

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