Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Work to live, live to work

As the winter nears it's end, we continue to prepare for the coming season of sowing. We'll have plenty to do this year, planting many of the same crops and some new ones. We're in the process of getting the website fully operational and egg sales continue to increase. In fact, we now have more customers than eggs to give them. (I tried giving the chickens a pep talk but, they just ignore me). Regardless, there are crops to nurture and projects to complete. It's just the three of us here but, I have faith that we can get it all done. We're going to try doing working shares this year, as well as some outreach programs. Research on grants is progressing but, slow. We're aiming to have double the shares as last year so, keep your fingers crossed that we can make it through this efficiently. I have hope. It's all good. ;}

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